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Estate Planning

Many people put off estate planning because they don’t think they are old enough to worry about it yet, or because they don’t want to think about something bad happening. But in truth, it is never too early to have a will in place, and none of us knows what might happen tomorrow. Simply put, everyone should have some type of estate plan.

Wills & Trusts

At the core of an estate plan is a will. A will is a legal document that allows a person to specify who will receive their assets after their death. It also allows a person to name an executor, who will manage the property and oversee the estate through the probate process and gives a person a way to name a guardian for a minor child.

Other Services

People often overlook how important estate planning is, but having a thorough estate plan is essential for protecting your family. There are a number of legal steps Californians can take to better plan for the future. Experienced California estate planning attorney Robert S. Miles can assess your needs and ensure that your interests are protected with the proper legal preparations.